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Friday, July 11, 2014

Gospel Brunch Time

I've wanted to go to a gospel brunch for-ev-er.

For a while, I thought we might attend one at the House of Blues in Dallas, but those were offered less frequently over the years and it didn't feel right to miss a service with our own church family to attend a brunch downtown.

Kelly and I booked a trip to Austin and gospel brunch at Stubb's a couple of years ago, but my grandfather became ill and we cancelled that trip to spend time with family instead. (A choice I would make again in a's just weird to me to so clearly remember what all was cancelled that weekend.)

Anyway, time passes on and we finally made our trip to Austin (as you have read over the past few days) and that long-awaited gospel brunch at Stubb's.

Great food, though we both agreed that the barbeque wasn't our favorite (ironic, since that is how Stubb's started).

Really great music.

The Bells of Joy

Kelly said it best:

Church is happening up in here, with a nice groove.

Definitely an experience that was worth the wait.

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