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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Trolls Are Everywhere

Another beloved blog went by the wayside this past week and I've been a little despondent about it.

Not surprisingly, a whole legion of people on the internet don't share my appreciation of the good work the owners of Young House Love put in on their site. These individuals have focused on what wasn't good (good as defined by them), rumor mongering and, in general have reveled in gossip and mean-spiritedness.

And this reminded me that there are trolls everywhere - trolls determined to steal your joy and disguise their own jealousy/unhappiness/bitterness in misdirected jabs at others.

Trolls thrive on the internet - sites that I won't point to allow nameless/faceless bravery.

Trolls are alive in conferences - leaving paragraph-long feedback full of gems like, "This woman doesn't have children and therefore has no idea about what real balance issues are." and "I would never use electronic calendars to coordinate schedules - that's too cold and impersonal."

Trolls lurk in churches - offering criticism wrapped in a "Bless your heart." Don't confuse Godly correction for destructive and divisive behavior.

Trolls hide in the office - smiling and pleasant to your face, spewing venom and half-truths behind your back. Sometimes we call these individuals "Passive Aggressive" but don't be fooled - they are trolls.

It's easy to say that if you're doing what you ought to be doing, choosing joy and living generously that these trolls would have no effect on you.

But that's often not the case. You look past all of the good and focus on the troll.

That just gives them power.

Better to be like the three billy goats gruff - be winsome and convincing, and let someone immune to the troll's particular jabs knock them in the block.

And in the meantime, if trolls abound - better to find a different bridge instead of fretting that they're in your path.


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