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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Not-a-Dive Expedition: Small Business Saturday Edition

Kelly and I walked to a new local bakery that popped up a couple of miles away from home - Millstone Bakery.

What we found: A wonderful family-owned bakery.

Bright and clean, with family members manning the bakery and the service counter The owners are Belgian, but have lived in the United States for nearly 20 years. This bakery is a long-held dream - they waited until their children were old enough to allow for the time a small business requires.

We ordered an almond croissant and hot chocolate. The croissant was delicious. Not greasy, not overly sweet. The hot chocolate was easily the best I'd ever had. It was made from a Belgian chocolate liquid base and just warm enough to be soothing without being scalding hot.

The owner chatted with us while we ate. We learned that the breads are all preservative and corn syrup free. Plus they bake the European way - just what they need to sell the next day, and hopefully not more than that.

Translation - they run out of bread and pastries by the end of the day but that's the plan.

He gave us a slice of the multigrain bread and a baguette to sample. Both were delicious. The multigrain bread was super-tender and I was shocked to learn that it didn't contain any dairy. Neither did the baguette.

Because their bread was so amazing, we've decided they'll be our new provider. They are convenient to stop in on the way home (for Kelly, that is - they close at 5:30 every evening) and the bread is more than worth the $1 more than we pay for Nature's Own bread at the grocery store.

Plus it's a family-owned business and we really really want them to make it.

North Texas and particularly Plano/Allen/Frisco friends - Millstone Bakery is located on the southwest corner of Legacy and Independence. Stop in!

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