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Monday, December 29, 2014

A Perfect Weekend (in November)

There's no denying that the last few months of 2014 went by at a quick clip for Kelly and I - running, significant projects at work, travel ... we were on the go.

But we did fit in "quiet time" together whenever we had a chance, like this perfect weekend in late November.

In addition to spending time with our church family on Sunday morning, we...

Took a walk on Plano's trails to enjoy the changing leaves (we didn't see much fall color until after mid-November this year).

Went on a spin around town in Old Glory.

Made an exploratory trip to a new local bakery where we ate an amazing croissant.

Then enjoyed a sampling of their other baked goods after a nice chat with the owner.

Went on a run around White Rock Lake.

Had a discussion with the overly friendly (and slightly naughty) neighborhood kitty.

Gave lots of loving strokes for Bridget.

And provided laptime for Ben.

Plus arbitrated a heated discussions between the overly friendly neighborhood kitty and Bridget.

I've become a big proponent of seizing the downtime you're given and making sure you enjoy it. This weekend was perfect for that in every way!

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