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Sunday, January 11, 2015

A Great Galloway Season

Friday night we celebrated another great year of Galloway training.

Celebrating is an important part of any challenge you set for yourself, particularly when hard work, time and sacrifice is involved in the pursuit of your goal.

Plus it's fun to see everyone in the group wearing proper clothes. And hair not covered by hats, visors or pulled into ponytails.

Nearly everyone from my Whinos pace group made it. This group truly challenged me to keep up my pace all season. Since I had a terrific PR at the Dallas Marathon, I'd say it was a challenge accepted.

A majority of Kelly's Racing Rebels pace group were there. They're the speediest group, and also the smallest.

It was a packed out event and great fun hearing all the stories of best and worst runs, personal achievements and plans for next year.

In addition to our end-of-training medals (we runners have a problem with our love for medals and race-specific technical shirts!), a host of training-related "awards" were handed out, including "Are you tougher than a Kenyan" and many (many!) awards related to injuries, mistakes made during a race and so on.

We've had a great time in Galloway training over the years. However, this weekend's season celebration marked a transition for us.

Instead of being members of the Dallas Galloway training group, we've agreed to take over leadership of the group. Our fantastic leaders have decided to step back after eight years at the helm.

The Hayleys are a little nervous about following such a great team!

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