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Thursday, January 22, 2015

A Redemption Marathon

Last weekend's Houston Marathon was a big run for Kelly and our best friend, J.

Kelly desperately needed a really strong run, a run that said he still had speed and a fighting chance to chase a Boston qualifying time. J wanted to break 4 hours. He said the mission was PR or ER.

Both had logged serious time at the gym, changed their diets and started serious cross training. As a result, both wives had done the same.

We were all - as Kelly noted - in danger of becoming boring old people who could only talk about calorie counts and training routines.

The morning looked promising. Cool(ish) weather. Good sleep. The right fueling the day before.

And as a result, the run was great! Kelly didn't hit the time he was on track for, because the temps increased significantly during the last 10k on the course. But he still logged one of his best times in years. As for John? He beat 4 hour. Barely, but he did it, despite the heat.

We left Houston with two happy guys, both who intend to run the Houston Marathon every year now.

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