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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Leadership Plano: What The Fuss is About

In a fit of unreasonable schedule assessment, I applied to be a part of Leadership Plano.

And I have to say, a little unreasonableness is a good thing every now and then!

Leadership Plano is an educational program, a leadership development program, a ... well, it's many things, but primarily it's an amazing opportunity offered by my city to learn more about the unique place we live.

We meet monthly for a year, focusing on different aspects of the community - from education to government and nearly everything in between and beyond.

We also have the wonderful opportunity to visit a variety of locations around the city, including tours of the unique businesses that call Plano home - like this manufacturing plant that we toured during the fall.

We've also spent time as a group, learning about one another and learning how to work together.

That's included a photo scavenger hunt around the city.

Cookout competitions...

...where our team proudly displayed our flag of commitment to giving it our all.

You may remember our flag from a certain unfortunate incident during our kick-off retreat.

I feel quite blessed to have underestimated my schedule and time commitments for 2014-2015. How else would I have met all of these wonderful people? And learned so much about my city?

PS - many cities around the United States offer leadership programs. I highly recommend that you participate!

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