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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Making Changes

Today has been exciting, scary, thrilling, sad and every possible emotion that you can imagine.

After more than 16 years in my industry - professional services - I'm changing course to work in public service. Many things remain the same. I'll be focused on connecting people, telling good stories and making things better.

Other than the obvious difference of change in organizations, there's one very big change: I'm going to be working just 15 minutes from home. A mere 7 miles.

For the past three years, I've worked nearly an hour and a half (with traffic, door-to-door) from home. A 24 mile journey.

I can't even begin to imagine the change that this is going to bring.

It's been a real quandry over the last three years - the best company I could imagine working for, wonderful colleagues, amazing stories and a challenging (in a good way) role.

But the energy drain was real. Very very real. Over time, I realized that I was tired - all the time. I stopped enjoying cooking. Craft projects piled around the house, half done. I couldn't commit to activities with my church or my friends.

Work became everything, because the drive (or train ride) there and back took everything out of me. As it increased, what made me me became less.

This wasn't my company's fault. It's totally a byproduct of who God made me to be - a person who goes All In on everything I do. I let my yes be yes and all-too-often look up to realize that I've left a pile of wreckage in another part of my life.

I'm thankful that Kelly was patient with my commitments, adjusting his schedule and activities to make sure we could spend a few intentional hours together each week. But I'm more thankful that he pushed me to examine my energy level and needs.

So change. It comes and it's exciting, scary, thrilling and sad - but it's good and it's what keeps us alive and energized. And I've learned it's best not to have regrets, only warm memories and thankfulness for the goodness of God to bring people and experiences into your path for however long He sees fit.

Now on to the next adventure ... (and maybe more time on this blog!)


  1. Wonderful news. So excited for you. I've been lucky enough to live close to work for many years and it really improves ones quality of life. And I think you will also get energized by the new job, which sounds like a great fit and an exciting opportunity. A good change all around.

    1. Thank you - it's such a relief. I can't even imagine how different it will be going from a 2.5 hr daily commute (round trip) to 30 minutes (round trip). what is very fun is that this seems to marry my professional skills (marketing) with my people focus with my 4-H background (public service and making the best better!). It's almost as though this role was designed especially for me.