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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Souk: When Disappointment Turns to Kismet

We ended up at Souk by happenstance, not by choice, after a failed attempt to visit the relocated (but still not ready to open) OSK.

No matter. Souk was well worth the happenstance. We should officially call it kismet.

Our server was very helpful in guiding us through the menu - what was the most popular item on the menu? The lamb tagine. What was his favorite item on the menu? The flatbreads, but he didn't necessarily recommend them if you were looking for something different to eat because while the flavor was unique it was still basically a pizza.

The guys both ordered the lamb tagine while my friend ordered an appetizer sampler. I ordered a roasted beet and arugula salad with salmon...scratch that, they were out of salmon so I changed my order to with chicken. 

Everything was delicious. We understood why the lamb tagine was so popular. At first we suspected it came highly recommended because it was the most expensive item on the menu, but in fact the lamb was tender and the dish was bursting with flavor. And the apricot on top!

The assortment of dips and spreads on my friend's appetizer platter were yummy also. The hummus and eggplant dip were clear winners, while opinions were mixed on the tomato-based spread. Some loved it, some did not

My salad was incredible - arugula, roasted beets, juicy mandarin oranges, pistachios and tender juicy chicken (think pieces like you would see on a kebab). The chicken had been marinaded in harissa, so it had a light spicy flavor. So.Good. I would definitely order again and again.

Like I said - kismet that we went to Souk. Now I have another favorite restaurant in Trinity Groves to make my meal selection process all the more difficult.

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