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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Choices: To Have, To Own, To Embrace

The past four months have been the most incredible rollercoaster for Kelly and I - some things I've shared on the blog (new job!), some things are still to be shared (unbelievable!) and some things we're just treasuring in our hearts for the time being.

But the constant thread in all of the upheaval, the coffee and lunch meetings, the long evening walks and the evenings with friends is this: We all have choices.
  • You choose to stay in a job or to leave.
  • You choose to grow or to stagnate.
  • You choose to hustle or to bide your time.
  • You choose to own your mistakes or blame others.
  • You choose learn or become entrenched.

As for the Hayleys, we choose to own our choices. We've hustled and sacrificed, tried and failed. We've loved and been hurt, said yes and said no.

Regardless of the choice, we know that in the end, we own our choices.

It's ok to be where you are, as long as you accept that your choices contributed to your journey.

Now more than ever I understand the wisdom from my former boss, Dean Finley, who gently rebuked me when I lamented that I just wanted God to tell me what my future would hold.

Shannah, you wouldn't believe it if God showed you your final chapter today. You have to go on the journey to understand the destination.

There's truth in that, my friends. The journey is important. Stop hoping, wishing and dreaming and start doing.


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