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Friday, August 14, 2015

Pho Take Two: A Better Experience

True to their word, my friends (and colleagues) took me out for a redemptive pho experience.

We headed slightly east of downtown to a local-to-DFW chain, Pho Que Huong. The restaurant felt like a family-owned joint, simple and basic.

We started with spring rolls. They were delicious! I would come back just to have these for lunch. Two sauces came on the side - a chile sauce and a peanut sauce. I tried them both then opted to dunk in sriracha. Yum.

I tried a beef pho again, but this time with no egg. This one looked vastly different than my bowl from Dalat. The broth was flavorful and even more so when I added some spice powder.

The pho came with a plate of add-ons - jalapeno slices, bean sprouts and basil. Add what you like. How perfect is that?

Verdict after Pho #2? I see why people like it. Prepared properly, it's tasty and satisfying. And not at all salty.

Pho Que Huong is on my must-go-to-again list!

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