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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Catching Up on Two Months

My blogging has been pathetic of late. Hayley Daily? More like Hayley Whenever.

But to be fair...this is what happened during the last two months:

First week of September | We went to a Cowboy's preseason game. It was in no way spectacular, other than the people we spent time with in our suite.

Labor Day weekend | We had our first ever downtime in months. No Galloway running group. No obligations. So we spent our time on mini-road trips exploring and eating.

Second week of September | I went to Cleveland for Content Marketing World and had John Cleese as a keynote speaker. It was as awesome as you might imagine it would be.

Second weekend of September | We hosted former Olympian Jeff Galloway for a weekend packed with activities.

Third week of September | We went to Addison's Oktoberfest.

Third weekend of September | We started a four-week running form class in addition to our regular Galloway running activities. Plus we ran a half marathon.

Fourth week of September | We went to McKinney's Oktoberfest.

Fourth weekend of September | We hosted the Dallas Marathon's Executive Director for a run with the Galloway training group.

Fifth week of September / First week of October | We said goodbye to our Ben. Plus I had a presentation, a kick off planning meeting at work and a huge special event in downtown.


First weekend of October | I broke my foot.

Second week of October | Helped with a large city-wide special event.

Second weekend of October | Tami got married. I made lots of signs. And a speech. Then Kelly hit a huge raccoon on his way to run a marathon. He ran the marathon anyway and we towed our car from nowhere East Texas to Tyler to be repaired.

Third week of October | Big work meetings and photo shoots. I get my first Stitch Fix box (I'm in love!) and I have the best Boss' Day ever. Oh, and we adopted Oliver.

Third weekend of October | Kelly runs the Haunt Jaunt 1 miler as Mr Pumpkin Head, to the delight of children and his wife. He then runs the 5k and places 4th in his age group...less than a week after a marathon and hours after a 15 mile training run with the Galloway group.

Fourth week of October | We spend all week playing with and taking photos of Oliver. There's also lots of reassuring for the Bridget-boo.

Fourth weekend of October | We adopt Jasper. We also hung out at Steinfest.

Fifth week of October | Another photo shoot, a grand opening and a memo of understanding issued between Bridget and the kitten boys.

Fifth weekend of October | The first weekend we've had at home to rest in forever. And ever. And we didn't even stay home the whole weekend - on Sunday (November 1), Kelly ran the DRC Half and since I was still booted, I handed out finishers medals to all of our Dallas Galloway runners. Now that was fun!

Anyway, that's my excuse for falling so far behind in blogging and I'm sticking with it.

I'll try to catch up over the next month or so - but no promises.

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