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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Gentle Jasper Joins the Family

Be careful when you answer truthfully. It may lead to unexpected results.

For example, when we applied to adopt Oliver, the application asked us what type of cat we were looking for. We answered "A Blue Russian or a Siamese, male with a great personality." So when we went to meet Oliver (and take him home), his foster mom brought along Oliver's foster brother - an adorable male Siamese.

He was getting over a respiratory infection, so she wasn't ready for him to be adopted. And we were only wanting to adopt one kitten.

But he was SO CUTE.

It took about one day for us to regret not taking him home. I called her the next day and asked her if we could adopt him, too. 

And that's how sweet, adorable, cute-as-can-be Jasper came to live with us.

He's SO CUTE. 

I mean...that face.

Everyone who sees him says that they want to eat him. Common phrases that Jasper hears are "You are so sweet!" and "I could eat that ear!" and "I want to bake him in a cake!" and "I could make a muffin from him!" and "That face!"

We understand. We tell him that, too. In fact, his nickname is Muffin, because we'd love to bake him in a muffin and eat him.

He's lucky we don't when he's naughty and tries to steal food while I'm eating it. 

Or get in the way while I'm trying to cook.

Or get in the way when I'm trying to clean (dishes and the litterbox!).

Or attacks his dad's shoes when he's trying to tie them.

Or goes crazy and plays on, over, under and around the furniture (within a 10 second span).

But he and Oliver love each other.

And honestly, despite the naughtiness at times, he has the sweetest, most gentle personality. He's our love muffin.

Welcome to the family, Jasper. We needed you.

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