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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

College Town Treasure: Varsity Donuts

Wow - this is one that I almost forgot to write about. When we went up to Kansas for the baby sister's wedding, we stayed one night in my hometown before heading to the wedding venue.

Not needing to get on the road super-early meant that we could stop by a donut shop that I'd heard a lot about but never had opportunity to visit: Varsity Donuts.

It's housed in what used to be my favorite place to shop while growing up, the Palace Drugstore. It was a mecca for fun things - food, kitchy gifts, Hallmark cards, stickers...just awesomeness.

But if the Palace had to close, I'm glad that Varsity Donuts came along to fill the space.

They kept the Palace's great floors and display cabinets, filling them with tons of donuts.

And the donut hole display? Cuteness.

I don't think anyone needs to worry about them running out of donuts...

We got an assortment to share and found a window seat to eat and people watch.

An awesome part of college town life in a smaller town is the street scene. I happen to think that Aggieville in Manhattan has some of the best street scene around.

We also feel fortunate that we stopped in when we did. Varsity is obviously a popular place.

The donuts were good - not as good as Hypnotic, but not bad. If we could have heated them slightly they would have been even better. Live and learn. Let's chalk it up to learning for our next visit.

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