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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Date Night in Plano: Taverna Rossa

Several friends encouraged us to give Plano's Taverna Rossa a try. Sometimes it takes several recommendations to get me to try a new place - that was definitely the case here.

We sat in the bar on a Sunday afternoon and had the pleasant surprise of having the chef act as our server. The bartender, who normally would be on shift, was out that day. There's nothing like having the chef give you dinner recommendations!

So we started with the dinner salad. Homemade croutons FTW!

We split the original supreme pizza. The crust was incredibly tasty (Taverna Rossa obviously excels in bread products) and the toppings were very fresh.

But desserts are where we went completely overboard and I totally blame the chef. I told Kelly that I was full and it would have to be a world-changing dessert to make me eat anything more. The chef heard that and said he had the perfect things for us to try.

The salted caramel bread pudding, he said, was inspired by the memory of eating his grandma's kugel during Passover. Oh.My.Gosh. It did in fact taste just like kugel which is only my absolute favorite thing on the plate at Passover.

We only ate a couple of bites - and all of the accompanying Henry's Ice Cream - before packing it up to take home. He recommended that we fry it up the next morning as French toast. FYI...that was an excellent (and tasty) suggestion.

Kelly couldn't resist the chocolate stout cake - a very moist and tasty cake made with lots and lots of chocolate and stout. Again, we ate a couple of bits and all of the Henry's ice cream and took the rest home. It came with candied bacon as well. In my mind, this was a little over the top but Kelly loved it. Must be a guy thing.

I would totally go back to Taverna Rossa for a meal and a relaxing afternoon. 

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