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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Dive Expedition: A Bar and Kitchen

When we were in Cleveland for a conference earlier this fall, my colleague and I enjoyed trying out the local restaurant scene.

One of our favorite places was a true dive that we visited our last night in town. It met every definition of a dive - a sign that you could only see if you wandered down a pothole-filled alley and, because we had a wheelchair in tow, a hidden entrance that the staff directed us to instead of the main stair-laden entrance.

We were rewarded for our crazy find-your-way-in experience with some really great bar food. The menu had a whole section devoted to tots. TOTS!!!! How could I resist the Reuben tots? Not even possible.

My colleague had the burger, which looked so good I wish I had it, too. But I ordered the bacon mac-and-cheese and was not disappointed. Not at all. So creamy. So delicious. So wanting it right now.

I also tried out one of the local brews and learned that the Dortmunder Gold was not my favorite. I guess our Texas craft beers have spoiled my taste buds.

My colleague and I are already planning to go back to A Bar and Kitchen if we go to Cleveland for conference next year. It's just that good of a dive!

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