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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Dive Expedition: Mumtaz

Kelly's been craving Indian food.

Craving in a must-get-some-soon-or-life-might-end kind of way. 

I didn't want to drive to Richardson (egads...a whole 15 minutes south from Plano!) to our old standby, Kebab and Kurry, so we tried out a new-to-us place that I'd heard good things about, Mumtaz Indian Restaurant.

They have a good-sized buffet table with a good selection of dishes, from sweet to spicy, vegetarian to traditional meats (goat and/or lamb).

Everything was super fresh and flavorful. What's even better is that they offer a buffet at lunch and dinner, weekday and weekend. Tuesdays offer a lower price-point, making it a great day to get your spice on.

But we haven't let a day of the week stop us - we've gone three times now and have been impressed with the variety each time we've been. 

Looks like we don't have to make that drive to Richardson anytime soon...!

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