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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Feeling Crafty - And Organized

We've learned a lot after our first season leading the Dallas Galloway marathon/half marathon training program.

One thing I learned was that I needed to be a bit more organized with our running supplies.

First up: Organizing the piles of training shirts that our runners receive at season kick off.

To keep the process simple, I purchased several self-seat laminating pouches - the kind you would use to create a quick and easy luggage tag.

Then I used Canva to create tags for each type of shirt. The photo is one our runners took during the running season. I just changed the color overlay to blue for guys and pink for gals. That way we can tell at a quick glance which is which.

Tags go into the laminating pouches, press to close and attach a hanging strap. Very easy!

I fastened each tag to a separate bag of shirts - no more fumbling to find the right size when we're distributing shirts next season!

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