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Friday, January 1, 2016

The Word for 2016 | Transformational

Our word for last year was "Overcome." When I wrote of selecting that word, just over a year ago, I said:

I think we're entering a season of overcoming what was and beginning to dream about what can be. ... I can't wait to look back on December 31, 2015, to see all the ways we experienced God's promise that we are overcomers.

So what did we see in that look back?

We were overcomers - in ways we didn't expect.

  • We paid off our house 5.5 months early.
  • I landed in the job of my dreams.
  • We dealt with the loss of our beloved Ben and a change in dynamics of adding two new kittens.
  • We started work on long-awaited renovations to the Hayley House.
  • We met with our financial adviser to have our first-ever "What's next" discussion instead of  a "When we" discussion.

It's crazy.

So when Kelly and I sat outside on Christmas Day (an unbelievably 80F gorgeous day here in Texas, y'all), I asked him what might characterize 2016.

We decided that 2016 will be Transformational.

While we expect a transformation in basic things:

  • The look of the Hayley House as we cash flow renovations.
  • Our fitness level as we return to our old strength+cardio routines.
  • A better life-work balance as we continue to adjust to life-and-work for both of us in Plano.
  • An approach to rest, as we start to take vacations again now that the house is paid for.

It's the transformation in other areas that we're curious about.

  • How will our level of generosity change? (Being generous - beyond the tithe - is a choice.)
  • How will our family reinvent itself?
  • How will our connection to community change?
  • How will our friendships evolve?

Based on past experience, we know that we can't even begin to imagine what the future will hold - though it's still fun to guess, to dream, to hope and to plan.

2016...We're ready for you.


  1. I am really going to enjoy reading your blogs on this as you track the year!