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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Shocking Discovery

Family is fun.

Ok, maybe this isn't really shocking, but it does make for a catchy title.

We've been going a lot lately - 4 weekends in a row, actually. All of our trips so far center around family. Over a week in Kansas with family. A weekend at a marriage retreat building our own family. Last weekend in Missouri to celebrate a marriage in my extended family. Tonight we've been busy planning a week's vacation to East Texas to visit the other half of the family.

Two big surprises for us in this:

  1. We've spent multiple days with family without fighting. (Hayley crew, take note: you are next on our visit list so don't mess up the trend!)

  2. We pinky-swore when we first got married that we would not, absolutely not, spend our precious vacation days to visit family. This year, it's what we are trying to do because we want to.
So here's to family!!!! I feel very lucky to be a woman with many families to visit.

The Alloways, Hayleys and Gitongas (Shannah's Kenyan Family)

Congratulations Njari and April!

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