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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ummm...Have You Done Your Hair Yet?

It was a hectic morning. Showers, coffee, blogging, packing lunches, frantically getting ready for a 7:30 am meeting in Arlington (a 45 minute drive from home)...crazy.

I was midway through dumping food into to-go containers for our lunches when Kelly stopped pouring his cup of coffee, looked at me and said: "Ummm...Shannah, have you done your hair yet?"

Let me be clear: this is never a good thing to hear. It ranks right up there with the dreaded question often asked to men and teenagers: "Is that what you are wearing today?"

I was fully dressed, hair dried, make-up on. I couldn't think of anything to say that was either funny or sarcastic. Fortunately, Kelly simply said: "If you have finished doing your hair, you might want to go and take a look at it. There's something going on in the back and I'm not sure it's what you had planned."

I did go look. And he was right on both counts - there was something going on and I hadn't planned it.

You know what? That whole situation could have been the starting point for a huge fight. However, the question was asked with sensitivity and humor, not to mention that I had already finished the two cups of coffee I require to behave like a human being.

I'm glad that I have a husband that cares enough to point out the funky morning hair-do's before I head off to meetings across town.


  1. Hayleys rock. Have I told you guys lately that I really love you?

  2. We love you too!!! And miss seeing you guys!!!