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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Complete Disaster

Normally, I'm a good cook. Sometimes I'm even a great cook. Last night, however, the wheels came completely off in the kitchen.

We have an abundance of sweet potatoes from our coop. I thought it might be nice to have some homemade baked sweet potato fries. Never having made them before, I carefully followed the directions in a recipe I found on Result? Some mushy, some burnt. All with not-great flavor. Disaster.

Our main dish was a muffuletta sandwich. These tasty sandwiches feature toasted bread, meat (turkey, in our case), olive mix, cheese and veggies. I love them. But last night the result not good. The bread was so thick and tough that we had to eat them as open face sandwiches. Disaster.

I hoped to redeem the meal with a good dessert - fresh sliced peaches topped with Bird's custard. Despite a sugar dusting and time to ripen, the peaches were still a little bitter. And because it was just one of those nights, the custard refused to thicken. ARGH. Disaster.

I'm so glad my husband is such a good sport because he ate everything without complaint. Fortunately, these complete cooking disasters usually only happen once every few years or so.


  1. I have had more than one of those culinary train wrecks myself. It's frustrating, and expensive - we have a binding pact that if a meal is a complete disaster, we go out for dinner. *grin* Luckily, those meals are few and far between here, as well.

    If you need a laugh sometime, just ask John sometime about the mushy fish. It was horrible.

  2. You are lucky you don't have kids. Jer is the same way, will eat it without a word (or maybe a simple - your rice is a tad undercooked), but will wait until I complain about how terrible it was and I felt like a failure. My kids on the other hand ... well they give me a WONDERFUL critique that would impress even Simon!

  3. It helps knowing I'm not the only one!

  4. I love muffuletta sandwiches - and after reading your post I went out and bought the ingredients. Sorry for your "disaster" but thanks for the inspiration!

  5. I'm so glad it gave you a delicious dinner inspiration. Dinner that evening was just not to be.