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Friday, July 18, 2008

10 Things: Part 2

Because it’s his birthday – well really, just because

10 reasons I love Kelly:

  1. His tender heart
  2. He likes spending time with me
  3. He learned how to say: "Ninakupenda"
  4. He reads to me while I cook
  5. His willingness to wrestle with God
  6. His Grover “near-far” impression
  7. He listens to - and remembers - my stories
  8. He does all of the finances, but makes sure I am a part of things
  9. His insanely funny sense of humor!
  10. He likes to watch romantic comedies, too

Plus a couple of bonus reasons:

  1. He's my best friend
  2. God put us together and there's no one I could love any more than him.

Happy birthday, my love!


  1. Happy Birthday Kelly! I don't have your email address so I was unable to send you a b-day email card. :)

    Oh, and of course today I found all my stamps so if you want a belated b-day real card .....

  2. Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday dear Kelly
    Happy Birthday to you

    ya pagan

  3. Only really special people can call me pagan!