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Monday, July 21, 2008

A Plea for Etiquette

Arriving back home after a long weekend away, I found a very nice thank you note in the mail for a wedding gift given last month. What a nice surprise!

You see, we have either gone to, or sent gifts for, nine weddings over the past three years. I have received exactly three thank you notes in return.

I was raised to write thank you notes. Thank you for the Christmas present. Thank you for the birthday present. Thank you for driving me to dance lessons this year.

Saying "thank you" is powerful. Even when a gift is given in person, or a service is done as a matter of course, stopping to acknowledge our gratitude does as much for our hearts as it does to bless others.

I wonder when we lost our decorum.


  1. I personally think it was when people started expecting things. For example, if someone throws you a baby shower, presents are expected. Same with birthday, Christmas and weddings.

  2. I do not think it is right, but the sense of entitlement can tread on gratefulness. My response--

    Never again! Anger!

    I actually regret giving the gift to those people.

    Then I read Galatians 5. You know, that is where that grouping of fruit is. It says that the Spirit does what is contrary to the sinful nature. It also says that if I live in the Spirit-I will keep in step with the Spirit!

    When I read these words I am forced to look inward. Imagine-regretting what was my motivation in the gift?

    God loves us and offers a free gift. What if He regretted giving that gift because some people would not...

    Back to my situation-it causes me to look inward. If you read these words and start pointing and saying--AHH, see, they are not walking in the Spirit...I think you missed it. If you read the fruit-NOT plural because they are all a bundle-there is no escape clause for my reaction to being wronged culturally.

    I still think people should say thank you in person if they can-and send a note if they cannot. However, as for me and my house-we will serve the Lord by striving to walk in the Spirit ourselves, regardless of what others do, or don't do. Very hard...

    But I am very offended by what happened here - and this really makes me question myself on why I give...

  3. Kelly, when are you going to start a blog? :-)

  4. Good question!!

    I guess since Shannah took "Hayley Daily" for hers, hmmm...

    Not sure what I would call it!

    Pagan Daily? No, not enough people would get the inside joke...and think of all who would land there from Google...

    Hey! Kelly's blogs...Kelloggs!
    There we go-it can be what's for breakfast. The breakfast of champions!

    Would I get sued?

    Hmmm...probably not enough people would read it anyway. I wouldn't. I wonder if anyone at Kellogg's might think it is an official employee blog spot...

    Guess I could be safe and remove a G...


    There we are. Now we have a name. What do we write about now...hmm, I pretty much ramble.

    Kellogs Rambler? Another thought...

    I guess I am like Seinfeld. It really is just about nothing in particular...until the Spirit speaks.

    Kellogs Spirit Speak!

    Hmmm. Awww, maybe I should just keep playing piggy back. I got no talent as an initiator of ideas...gotta wait no a slow pitch before I can swing...

    Have to think about this...

  5. I am sad to say that I am one of those who often forget to write a thank-you note. I was raised better.

    I just need to make that a mid-year resolution. No more putting off mailing a note until it's too embarrassing to send it.