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Friday, July 25, 2008

It's Fun Shoe Friday!

I love these shoes!

I especially love that it's Friday and I can wear these shoes because it's also Jeans Friday at my office (unless we have clients in, of course).

I've never been much of a Cowboy Boot type of girl. Just as I wasn't a golf girl until I realized how fun golf clothes were, I never thought to buy boots until I had a charity auction to attend with a Western theme. 

I spent an afternoon going from Western Wear to Country Cool to Cowgirl Chic looking for the right outfit for the evening that would fit both my body and my sensibilities. 

What makes these shoes particularly fun is that they aren't really boots at all. They're mules! All the fun of boots without the hefty price tag a pair this decorative would bring, nor the heat from having a heavy leather item on my foot and calf.

I love fun shoes!

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