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Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Search is Over - I Think

Thursday was an incredibly productive day, but also a very long one. I got out of my last meeting of the day at 7:15 and went to meet Kelly, who worked late as well so we could still carpool.

Working late=no gym and a very late dinner. Late dinner (to me)=eating out because I'm not cooking after 7:30 in the evening!

We've been on an informal search for a great burger joint. Great to us means:
  • Good taste
  • Good price
  • Locally owned (not a national chain)
  • Convenient location

Our search so far has covered several locations. The reviews so far:

  • Scotty P's - Pros: good flavor, several burger types. Cons: somewhat greasy, burgers only come in one size (BIG). Moderately priced.
  • Village Burger Bar - Pros: excellent flavor, creative as well as standard burger types. Cons: expensive, located in Uptown (about 30-40 min away from home).
  • Jake's Joint - Pros: fantastic taste, good price, they also often send buy 1 - get 1 free coupons in the mail. Cons: greasy, greasy, greasy.
  • Two Rows - Pros: tasty pepper bacon cheeseburger that's just the right size to share. Cons: expensive for a burger night burger.
  • Topz Healthier Burger - Pros: very healthy, low fat. Cons: not a ton of flavor. Moderately priced.
  • Sam's Burger House -Pros: very close to home, local owner, family hangout joint, plus good taste. Cons: just not an exciting burger. Not a wide range of topping choices.

So Thursday night, we tried a new place and I think it might be a winner!

  • The Burger House - Pros: close to home, long-time Dallas favorite, great burgers that can be ordered a ton of different ways. Not greasy. Inexpensive. Yummy shakes, seasoned fries big enough to share. Cons: hmmm....


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