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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Thank You Plano DMV

I admit it: I went to the DMV this morning already dreading the experience. I had my reading material. I had my iPod. I was there when the doors opened. I was prepared to sit for hours, surrounded by crying children, people talking too loudly on cell phones and irritated DMV employees.

Not the case!

The room was crowded, yes. And there were some of those "please listen to me talk on my cell phone" folks. But every employee at the Plano branch of the DMV was polite, smiling even! My total wait was less than an hour, and I was 43rd in line. Very impressive.

Even more impressive is that they decided I can have my license extended. I even passed my vision test with flying colors. Not ONE wrong! (I've always been paranoid about vision tests, even at the eye doctor. I feel I have to pass with a 100% or I'm a failure!!!)

So today I want to say, before I brace myself to head out on I-20 for the drive to Tyler, TX, is a simple thank you to those who staff the Plano DMV.


  1. proofing that you worry WAY too much! Now, I don't really have the right to point that out since I am not ANY better. lol

  2. It's not the ACT of worrying that's problematic, it's WHAT is worried about...