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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Update: It Doesn't Look Good

I suppose I should be grateful that it booted, because I've had a visit from the IT director. From the look on his face when he stepped into my office, I knew the news wouldn't be good.

"Multiple indications of hard drive failure."

How discouraging is that? I'm going to have a 2G flash drive to back my in-progress files to as a fail-safe, but I'm fighting time until a new hard drive and is installed.

I would just like to say that my personal laptop, a Toshiba, lasted over four years before it experienced a hard drive failure.

This nifty Dell laptop hasn't made it to the one year mark.

My funk is nice and deep now.


  1. Technology is great. Until it doesn't work!

  2. Btw ... I dislike Dells. Just an FYI. We like Toshiba & Avio (sp?) Our current one is a Toshiba. We wouldn't mind another IBM if we could find a nice enough one.

  3. This is my work-provided laptop - no control over type purchased.

  4. Craig - it amazes me how you all can stay so upbeat working in and around technology all the time!!!

  5. >it amazes me how you all
    >can stay so upbeat working
    >in and around technology

    It's called job security.

  6. see ... hubby is the same way about vending machines.