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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I'm in a Technology-Driven Funk

I worked late last night on my nifty relatively-new laptop. No one wants to work late, but at least it's a bit more bearable when you can work late in your jammies at the kitchen table, grooving away to Viva la Vida.

Fast forward to this morning: I arrived at work, bright and early, ready to get my project finalized and out the door. I powered up the laptop and...

Ok, I thought I powered up the laptop. (Mash the button again.)

Seriously, is there some new way to power up this laptop? (Mash the button again and again and again and again.)

Try to remember that a deep calming breath can keep you calm. (Freaking out more than a little here.)

Out of desperation, I took the laptop to another early bird in our office, who happens to be quite a techno-nerd (ahem, I mean, pro). I asked him to perform the age-old trick that always works when you take a faulty car to the mechanic - "C, will you please power up my laptop?"

He did, and it did. 

Once I saved my late-night project onto the server, I deposited that cranky nearly-new laptop on our IT director's desk for triage. STAT!

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