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Monday, August 4, 2008

Blame This On The Heat, Too

This heat wave is beginning to wear on my nerves. Maybe it's melting my nerves.
  • It's too hot to play golf.
  • It's too hot to grocery shop.
  • It's too hot to go for an evening walk.
  • It's too hot to kick the kitties outside for some peace and quiet.
  • It's too hot to iron.
  • It's too hot to bake.
  • It's too hot to snuggle - with humans or furbabies
For the past three days I am feeling very much like:

And it's no good trying to make me feel any different. You'll just make me grouchier.


  1. Ah, yes. Summer in Texas.

    I've been mowing my grass this summer up until two weeks ago, when I decided that it was better to pay $30 to have it done rather than suffer through more of this heat.

    Nothing left to do but sit under the fan and watch FOX News. :-)

  2. I ran across an interesting way to figure out if something was "worth it."

    Take your annual salary, lop off all the zeroes after the comma, divide by two. The final number is your hourly rate.