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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Your Water is Safe to Drink

It's never a good sign when you receive a mailer from your city's water department informing you that "Yes, your water is safe to drink."

I'm guessing they've sent mailers out this year to combat the overwhelming number of phone calls they must receive in the summertime because, as usual, our water tastes awful.

Awful isn't even a good term for it. Our water tastes horrible, like liquid funky dirt in a cup. Our ice has the same flavor. Ugh.

The culprit? The City of Plano tells us it is algae bloom, brought on by a combination of low lake levels and hot weather. Saturday was our 23rd straight day of triple digit temperatures and I can't remember when we last had proper rain (outside of a stray short shower).

It's not looking good for our water this summer. And unfortunately, trying to mask the taste with lemonade mix doesn't work either.