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Friday, August 29, 2008

Fun Shoe Friday: I Do Love Red

I love Fridays - jeans (unless we have a client in, of course) and a more laid-back attitude at the office. But right after work, we're heading downtown to the Meyerson to see Wayne Brady, so I wanted to balance Friday casual with Friday date night.

Solution? Fun Shoe Friday - the dressy version! No cowboy boots for me today, or summer sandals (even though it is terribly hot - again - here). I have red kitten heel shoes with a Mary Jane strap. Perfect with my trouser-style jeans and silk blouse. FUN!

And, because a girl must coordinate: my shoes work with my fun red purse.

Any my fun red purse holds my even-more-fun red business card holder! I bought these personalized card holders for my marketing team when we finally rolled out our firm's rebranded collateral as a thank you gift for putting up with my madness during the process.

So why red? Well, it is one of our firm colors (PMS 485 Uncoated, to be precise). I'm sure that it has seeped into my subconsciousness through daily exposure.

But red says so much more! It's a symbol for life, for struggle, for anger, for courage, for power, for love - it represents almost all of our base emotions and our highest aspirations.

And I just love it.


  1. Stacie and I were talking the other day, and I mentioned that many of my favorite pictures of you happen to have you wearing red. It is a VERY good color for you.

    Yes, I'm going back and reading all of your blog posts from the last 2 and a half years. I noticed recently that I've missed a few, so I wanted to go back and see what else I might have missed.

  2. Which is weird, because I was afraid of wearing red forever. I guess I've grown in my red-confidence.