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Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Twisted Root

On the advice of my friend, Nicki, we ate dinner at The Twisted Root Burger Co. (TW) before heading to the Meyerson last night.

Front and center in Deep Ellum, a fun and funky part of Dallas, TW manages to perfectly blend a chef-driven menu and sassy service. It's the kind of place where you want to sit and people watch while saving one delicious bite after another.

Nicki had confessed her addiction to the Green Chili, Guacamole and Pepperjack Burger. As a lover of green chilis, guacamole and pretty much cheese of any sort, I knew this was the burger for me. Wow! Talk about a flavor explosion. It came undressed and was delicious. I added TW's homemade horseradish mustard after a few bites and enjoyed the slow burn.

Kelly went for the Western Burger, featuring pepperjack cheese, bacon, jalapenos and an onion ring. He said the meat flavor was great and the spice balance was perfect. He didn't add any sauces at all, deeming it a perfect burger as-is.

One clear sign that chefs run the show here is portion size of side dishes. I asked if we could share some twisted french fries and learned that they actually came in as an appropriately-sized individual portion. Shocking! In a world that emphasizes quantity over quality, this was a refreshing change.

So we both ordered our own fries - good thing, too. Although I loved the first fry I ate, instant addiction happened when I dipped the next into TW's homemade chipotle-ketchup sauce. I probably would have stabbed Kelly with a fork if we were attempting to share a single serving.

We also tried out TW's homemade root beer. It is pleasant enough with a very light-hand on the root beer bite and a smooth butterscotch flavor coming through.

All in all, our evening at the Twisted Root was great and I think that we'll be stopping in again when we're downtown!

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