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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

There's a Thief in My House

She's sweet, she's cute and she's terribly naughty. Her name is Bridget.

Bridget has "busy paws." She has to touch this, look at that, knock things off counters to see what happens and worse - steal. Since we adopted her as a teenager in late 2005, she's stolen Krispy Kreme donuts, a corn dog and socks. Her toys hide from her, too. I'm constantly pulling Oscar, Bozo, Nippy and Tang out from under one of the couches.

But this is too much. I'm a little frustrated because this time she's stolen the last roll of address labels out of my mail supply bowl!

She was playing with them yesterday - even though I constantly told her not too - over lunch. Then, right in front of me, she stole them out of the bowl and ran in the other room. I recovered the slightly-mangled labels from under the couch and put them back where they belonged. For good measure, I used a pair of scissors to weight them down.

When we got home in the evening, the labels were gone again and this time I can't find them.

What frustrates me about this situation is that I just know we'll find those labels when we move...just when they are no longer of use to us. Darn that cat!


  1. May I remind you of the poster / cartoon on your August 16 posting :-)

  2. Sweet kitty! She can't help it, she is just a curious little kitten!

  3. Is her nose supposed to look like that?

  4. I think she may have had some icing on her nose - maybe even Krispy Kreme icing.

    It was the reason for taking the photo...

  5. Definitely was icing. She is a bad naughty girl.