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Monday, September 8, 2008

Happy Toes, Happy Heart!

I had the world's worst pedicure in early fall 2006. Too hot of water (ouch!), rough scrubbing, and a less-than ideal location led to - you guessed it - a very unhappy big toe.

That toe eventually became known as Gibraltar Toe. The name certainly didn't refer to my toe's Herculean-strength, but to its sheer size after it was covered with surgical wrappings.

Gibraltar Toe has slowly returned to normal, thanks to the bi-monthly oversight of Dr. B in Plano and my dedicated avoidance of hot tubs, pedicures and bare feet in the gym. It's been a very long two years.

Today my toes are singing a happy song because finally - finally! - I was able to paint my toenails yesterday for the first time since the worst-ever pedicure! And it's just in time to enjoy pretty toes during the latter days of sandal season in North Texas.


  1. Those sure are some cute toes....

  2. It's all in the polish! Otherwise, you know, feet are just poor ugly things...