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Saturday, September 6, 2008

I Had a List, But...

Even though we were on staycation, Kelly and I still created a list of "Things Needing Doing" to make certain we took advantage of down time to attack some long neglected tasks.

I know what you're thinking. I'm list obsessed. But honestly, making a list this time was as much Kelly's idea as it was mine.

Anyway, we looked at this weekend as part of our overall staycation time, since we only went back to work for Thursday and Friday. That's hardly long enough to feel that you are at work, let alone need some recovery time from hard work.

Or so I thought.

We went for a long workout today - Kelly ran 18 miles as he continues to prepare for the San Antonio Rock and Roll Marathon. I ran 2.25 miles for the first time ever - including the time that I saw a bobcat in the park by my house and ran to tell Kelly about it. Then I biked 10 miles and walked another 2 while I waited on him to finish up.

Now Kelly's off playing golf with some guys from his office. He admits it's crazy, but also said that it's not about the golf today. It's about spending time with friends and testing whether or not you can play 18 holes after running 18 miles. I think it's entirely possible that I may have to pack his body in ice when he gets home.

As for me, I'm here at the house with our "Things Needing Doing" list.

While there are only 2 items remaing on it, I've realized that it's imcomplete. I'm putting all of my attention on something else this afternoon:

Item #3: Lay on the couch, surf the net and watch football.

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