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Monday, January 18, 2010

In Transition

After I'd finished taking down all of the Hayley Holiday Decor, I wondered what I ought to do for our front door wreath.

Many years ago I'd purchased a sturdy grapevine wreath and an assortment of "stuff" to put on it, based on the season. I have cabbage roses for spring/summer, wheat and sunflowers for late summer/fall, and evergreen and apples for winter.

But it's January. January isn't really spring - it's winter. Yet it's also not the holiday season. What would be an appropriate wreath for the remaining months of winter, after Christmas had come and gone?

It's amazing the things you wonder after you move into a house, that never would have occurred to me while living in an apartment!

Anyway, this winter wreath issue became somewhat of an obsession for me. I Googled like a madwoman
  • What is a good winter wreath
  • Making a winter wreath
  • Winter+wreath=anything?
  • January wreath
  • Has anyone made a wreath in January?
Finally, I found something...and learned something.

The type of wreath that I wanted to make is called a "Transitional Wreath." In other words, it's wreath that's neither one season or another. It helps you transition from one to another.

In the midst of my image searches, I found this:

I loved it. And I was sure I could make something like it for myself, using my trusty grapevine wreath form and just a few new purchases.

Here's what I came up with:

I bought a couple of eucalyptus branches (on sale, 50% off at Michaels), two hydrangea blooms (on sale, 50% off at Michaels), and a couple of butterflies (on holiday clearance, 80% off at Michaels).

My total cost for the project? $10.

Not bad for a wreath that we'll enjoy January-late March for several years to come.

I just love the way the various neutral tones play off of each other!

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