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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Flash Back Alert!!!

And just in case I forgot, my very helpful mom reminded me that I've always been that little girl, with a little curl (actually, several of them!) in the middle of my forehead...

WARNING: Not to toot my own horn or anything, but some serious cuteness follows. My parents made some really pretty babies. Perhaps if my mom wants to be truly helpful, she'll send along cute photos of my sisters when they were little as well...

Look at those curls!! And that dress - I owe my sewing skills to my mom's tutelage.

I'm not picking my nose. I promise. I'm flirting with my beloved Grandpa A.

Curls+pigtails=super cute 3-year-old.

And to quote my younger self...

Aren't you going to say something about my pretty red hair?


  1. Younger self? I heard you say that last week.

  2. well she was younger last week than today! lol

  3. Love that 3 yr old pic. The little chatterbox who never reached the end of a sentence, not even with a bribe.

  4. I disavow all knowledge of last week. And chatterbox tendencies!

  5. Your red hair is very pretty.

  6. Thank you! I *love* it when I don't have to fish for compliments. (hee hee)