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Friday, March 19, 2010

It's Your Day!

Happily - today is the 1 year anniversary of the day we took full possession of the Hayley House.

{Cue a giant Snoopy happy dance!}

After year of careful observation - not to mention the Great Snowstorm of 2010 - we knew it was time to have a professional come and look at the Hayley trees. We love these trees.

Anyway, God knew our needs and sent an arborist to our doorstep...or perhaps merely to our door, where I found his card taped the other evening. I'd been wondering how I would find a certified arborist to look at the Hayley trees.

After all, I look for the best doctor for my body. I'd do no less for our trees. (And I've seen too many deformed, even destroyed, trees after a less-than-professional trim job!)

Mark the Tree Guy was as nice as could be. He stopped by, identified all of our trees and gave us a more than fair price to take care of tree trimming, stump griding and some dead bush removal. For those who read this blog and live in North Texas, drop a note in the comments if you want a recommendation.

However, that's not the point of this post. Other than to say I found an arborist.

Which is what I told The Boy as we headed off to work.

Him: An arborist, huh?

Me: Yes, he's certified.

Him: Gosh, do you think that means Arbor Day is a special day for him? 'Hey! It's Arbor Day. Today's my day!'

Yeah, that's right. I've married a funny guy. He thinks he's funny too.

Him: *laughing* Man, that was funny!

Me: Yes, you're very clever.

Him: Dang! I crack myself up. Whoo...I am fun-ny today!

So I ask you? Which is funnier...

When someone cracks a joke?

Or when someone cracks a joke and cracks himself up?

Whew. There are those glasses again. Stop my beating heart!


  1. LOL. I think they are both hilarious actually. The first, the joke is the funny part while in the second, the person's reaction is the funny part.

  2. What's so funny about arbor day being a special day for us arborists? If you would like to see just how special it can be(up here in PA anyway), check out the story I posted about last years arbor day in Philadelphia. Go to, click on "new this week", and scroll down to April 22.2009.

  3. Warren -
    I did go read your story. How fun! (I also loved your story of rescuing a puss that had run up a tree later in the year.)

    Thank you so much for sharing!

    And, to clarify, it wasn't funny that arbor day would be special to arborists. It was finally making the *connection* that it was a special day beyond just a day on the calendar. And the significant hilarity came in the riff of special days after that that I didn't type in my post (presidents day is a special day for our president, boss' day...etc).

    When we got home and saw the job that our arborist had done, you can bet we were glad we hadn't gone with a man with a pickup and a chainsaw type of job. VERY impressive!! (And since we have two beautiful ash trees in our front yard, it mattered a great deal to us.)