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Friday, March 19, 2010

From The Random File

From the Friday Lunch Hour Random File:

I'm in a bit of a state today. My lovely desk plant has gone from this:

To this:

Ideas? Suggestions? It's survived nearly a year, which has got to be a personal record for this Brown Thumb!

But in more colorful news...thank heavens it's Casual Friday! That means I can indulge in delightfully atypical attire for the day:

You can take the girl out of Kansas, but you can't drain the purple out of her bloodstream!

It's March Madness....Go K-STATE!!!


  1. sorry I am not much help. I seem to have the same curse with plants. However ... GO STATE!!! I am kicking butt with my bracket but today is a new day and it already isn't looking as good as yesterday. Maybe this afternoon and evening will be a better time.

    Good luck with the plant. I wish I was better with them.

  2. Have you got any natural sunlight on your desk? Did you over water it (once a week is generally enough, but more if it's really hot)? Possibly needed some plant food! I'm quite good with house plants, but do lose some...

  3. I do get quite a bit of sun in my office - it's south facing with a full wall of windows.

    I'm wondering if I am overwatering. I tend to ignore it, then douse it - repeating the cycle!!

    I am also quite sure I've not fed the plant in some time. I think I'll try that as my next step.

    Thank you for the tips!!

  4. You might inspect it closely for critters!