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Monday, March 1, 2010

Review: Cowtown Diner

While our men were off running a marathon, BFJ's wife, Stacie, and I checked out a local Fort Worth diner for breakfast.

That's the way to live, eh? Y'all go run...we'll go eat country cooking!

Anyway, we'd heard good things about a new joint, the Cowtown Diner. It was convenient to our hotel...but even if it wasn't, we're all about trying new and interesting places.

Even if the food wasn't good, the decor was definitively cool. Modern country meet old-time diner vibe. Note the sleek wood, stainless steel, exposed brick and individual table lamps with cowhide lampshades. Awesome.

We also loved these semi-opaque panels separating the kitchen from the main dining area.

But enough about the decor - on to the food!

We skipped fare like That Boy Can Pack Some Groceries and Hold Ya Til Supper and went more traditional breakfast combos.

Biscuits and Sausage Gravy came with two biscuits (unfortunately, slightly dense and heavy), aforementioned gravy, eggs, bacon and new potatoes.

Breakfast tacos (with sausage) were delightfully grilled crisp but not greasy. A side of jalapenos and salsa rounded the plate. I thought the salsa could use some work...perhaps some lime juice and a heavier dose of fresh cilantro.

I also ordered a side of cheese grits because...well, just because. The grits were smooth and creamy, with a sprinkling of finely grated cheddar on top. After mixing the cheese in, I added in my jalapeno slices. Delish!

So - would I go back? Absolutely!! I think I'd want to try their lunch menu for a spin. I have a feeling that it's mighty tasty. Although I'm likely going to need to run a marathon myself to recover from the experience.


  1. Did you ever go to Old San Francisco Steak House on Composite Dr. in Dallas. Wonderful meal, gaudy, noisy, lot of entertainment. Understand it's closed now though....not sure.

  2. I knew of the place, but it is closed now and, unfortunately, I never got the chance to try it.