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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Runner's Problems

Ben is worthless - completely worthless.

I decided to prop my feet up and Ben promptly snuggled next to me - fully body hug against the foot. Shameless.

When The Boy started rubbing him with his foot, Ben broke into a loud purr. Disgusting.

Anyway, he was acting so cute that I had to take a photo of him...

And while The Boy, The Niece and I were oohing and ahhing over this revolting display, The Boy displayed his runner's toenail.

Boys do things like this. Interrupt perfectly sweet and sappy moments to point out gross and disgusting things. Yet we marry them anyway.

I digress.

So The Boy showed us his runner's toenail. We were properly revolted. I mentioned my still-aching Bum Leg.

And The Boy said:

Hey, Niece, I'll bet you didn't know that
these types of things happen to runners.
Shannah's leg - my toenail - it's very common.
Some runners even lose their toes. It happens.

The Niece looked horrified. Really, she said, some runners actually lose their toes?

Oh, said The Boy, laughing. Toes, toenails...Runners have problems.

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