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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Someone Please Stop Me

I've got crafts on the brain! It must be the after effects of sunshine and warmer days.

In any case, I've been flipping through catalogs, browsing online and wandering aisles. And in the process, I've decided that I can need to make the following:

This gorgeous pansy wreath from Williams-Sonoma. How easy would it be to pick up some lovelies at the local craft shop and build my own at home? Love.It.Must.Have.It.

Or what about this awesome magnetic fabric board spotted on Etsy? I can just see something like this hanging on The Niece's wall, near her new desk. Or downstairs in my family room. Whatever.

And these chalkboard-label baskets from Target are just the ticket for finally corralling the chaos in my pantry! I'm pretty certain that I can make them myself for far less than the $39 a pop that Target wants...

This is an official cry for help. Would someone please stop by the Hayley House this weekend and remove my glue gun, spray tack, chalkboard paint and measuring tape before it's too late?

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