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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Unbearable Lightness of Being

Not the book, just me.

I'm feeling extraordinarily happy. I think we can still blame it on the return of spring...and maybe just a great life in general.

Last night was just a fun time around the ol' Hayley House. The Niece has perfected her food hack of Muddy Buddies, using Rice Krispies in place of Chex cereal. We're calling the finished product Dirty Krispies - just because we like the name.

And the best part? She made a huge batch during the afternoon, so it was ready and waiting for dessert. Yum-o.

Another thing I love about spring is the return of light, fresh meals in the evening. To celebrate near-80F weather, we had an amazing Tex-Mex salad supper with leftover brisket, kidney beans, salsa, lettuce and cheese. (Another food hack...we have got to get to the grocery store! It's getting to be slim pickings around here.)

After supper, we all headed out for a walk through the neighborhood. We enjoyed the breeze and the last rays of sunshine. I *love* summer evening walks.

I also spent some time making dinner plans with my friend C and her husband C. We're really looking forward to having them over for a meal and having time to chat. You see, I've been reminded by my Grandma A that life is meant to be enjoyed. The Boy and I are determined to do just that now that we have a house meant for spreading out and feeling relaxed. Plus C and C are just really fun people!

It's a pretty great thing to be staring down a 3-day weekend with a light heart and a relaxed schedule, plenty of craft projects on the brain and time to make a trip to Michael's and Ikea.

It just makes me happy all over!

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