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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring Fever

The weather's definitely turning its face towards summer. Warmer days have brought buds, babies, an idle HVAC system, ceiling fans, tights-free dresses, sandals and pedicures.

But it's also giving me a major case of Spring Fever!
  • I want to go on spring break. {Actually, I'd just like to make a break for it!}
  • I want to play hookie.
  • I want to play in the garden. {Actually, I'd rather pay someone to play in the garden while I watch, sipping iced tea under the safety of an over sized umbrella.}
  • I want to buy a whole new wardrobe.
  • I want to buy The Boy a whole new wardrobe.
  • I want to throw away every piece of paper stacked inside the Hayley House and start from scratch.
  • I want to bake a pie - with fresh, seasonal berries - from scratch.
  • I want to lie in the grass until I get itchy and have to scratch.
Instead, I think I'll just chop several inches off my hair.

Hey - it's spring fever y'all, and I have it something awful bad.


  1. Very nice. You have such pretty red hair. I think it's nearly impossible for you to take a bad picture.

  2. *blush*

    You only say that because you haven't seen how I look when I'm camping or before coffee or when I've stayed out too late.

    Oh wait - you and Stacie have!