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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Welcome Spring!

Just before dusk last night, The Boy glanced outside and said: Our grill has dandruff!

Small ice flakes were making a mark - nothing too exciting. After all, the weatherman had said we'd have some flakes and a dusting of snow. Nothing major.

Just before heading to bed a few hours later, that slight mark had turned to a touch of accumulation. We both got an eyeful before crawling under the covers and throwing on a couple of kitties for extra warmth.

Obviously a day of rest did me much good, because I woke up - fully awake, rarin' to go, at 5:30. I hopped out of bed and peeked outside...

Wow! That's certainly more than a minor dusting of snow!! I thought about quietly making coffee and waiting for The Boy to wake up on his own. Then 30 seconds later, I jumped on the bed and said, Holy guacamole!! It snowed a ton last night! Get up! Get up!!

The Boy was not amused.

But that minor aggravation soon passed when he layered up and headed outside. You see, The Boy was in Orlando at a conference and completely missed our last snowstorm. He was bitterly disappointed.

Today, however, he was One Happy Boy.

We headed to the backyard to get an official measurement at our official measuring spot - on the patio table. Though tempted, I avoided measuring at the height of the drift and picked a relatively representative spot: 5 inches! Remarkable for a spring snowstorm and even more remarkable for Texas...spring or not.

Don't mind the Woman Behind the Curtain. I'm a busy blogger... historian... record keeper... whatever at work.

It was a strange snow, both super wet (evidenced by the snowballs chucked at me when I wasn't looking...naughty Boy!) and drifty. Just take a look at our fence line!

Let's blame it on the high winds. In fact, the wind has already blown away most of the snow as I type this less than 12 hours later. I suppose it's a good thing, since tomorrow's predicted high of 60F will certainly melt whatever remains.

And as unbelievable as it seems, we are still officially 1/2 inch shy of a record snowiest winter. I'm quite certain if the record keeping happened further north where we live rather than at the airport, we'd have a winter for the history books.

Since I doubt we'll get another 1/2 inch of snow before summer rolls in, and have no idea when we'll see a white winter like this again in North Texas, I think this is the last time we'll see such a picture perfect Hayley House for a while.

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