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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

How Many?

Yesterday I glanced at The Boy's left hand and noticed his well-worn wedding ring. We were holding hands, so I gave his ring a little rub. That got me to wondering - I can't remember ever seeing him not wearing his wedding ring.

So I asked him, How many times have you taken this ring off?

His answer:

I used to know that it was less than 5.
Now I can't say for certain.
I know it's less than 15 and it may be less than 10.


I'll be married to this guy for 11 years in 39 days. I can't believe he's only taken off his wedding ring approximately once a year in all that time.

I {love} him!


  1. Your grandfather A. wore his wedding ring about one year. He was an Aviation Metalsmith in the US Navy. One day, while working on a plane, he caught his ring and nearly tore his finger off. I don't know what happened to the wedding ring....probably stashed somewhere.

  2. You know, we discussed this type of situation! I didn't know that grandpa had such a near-miss. Fortunately, accountants rarely have significant work injuries, unless you consider paper cuts. :)

  3. That is horrible Grandma! I don't know that I would wear my ring again until after retirement with that type of scare. Jer had a few scares for awhile until we got him a new ring. We don't have the problems anymore. Working with animals don't cause many problems in the jewelry department and I feel naked without my ring on. Congrats on your upcoming anniversary. Jer and I will have been together for 8 years in 36 days.

  4. My parents were married in 1959. My father had never taken off his wedding ring until 1985, when my niece was born. She was in intensive care after birth, and if the family wanted to see her, they had to scrub up, which meant taking off all jewelry. I'm not sure, but I suspect his ring hasn't come off since then.