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Monday, April 19, 2010

A New Project!!

I have another project in the that I'm very excited to start!

Throughout the years, I've collected nativity sets. If I see an interesting nativity that reflects the culture and heritage of a place where I'm vising (or living), I add it to my collection.

Now that we're in the Hayley House, my collection really needs to be out of storage on on display.

I spent some time looking in the shops and found a few that appealed to me, like this one from Target:

And this one from World Market:

What I didn't like was the price tag for particle board display shelves. Fortunately for me, I work at an architecture firm filled with creative and talented folks. Fortunate indeed, since my absolute favorite woodworker, my Grandpa A, has long-since hung up his toolbelt.)

My favorite woodworker is Carter Moore. He is gifted at woodcraft. Working from my inspiration images, Carter came up with a design that would fit a particular space in our house:

And on Saturday morning, he delivered the finished display case. It's awaiting priming and painting - work that the Hayleys will do. Isn't this an amazing piece?!?

I can hardly wait to finish it out and unpack my nativity collection!

However, I'm still debating what color to paint it. I know that I want to paint the exterior and shelves one color, while painting the back wall a contrasting color that will allow the collection to pop.

Here are some images of painted display cabinets that have been living in my inspiration files:

What would you do, if you were me?
  1. Country French yellow tones with a cream interior
  2. Country French green with a gray interior (or perhaps cream interior)
  3. Espresso with a buttery interior


  1. That is an amazing shelf. I love it.

  2. don't know about color but that is an AWESOME piece!

  3. Looks great! I think a light interior color would be necessary so you can see your nativity pieces--unless you are going to do interior lighting.

  4. Just re-read your post. You had already said what I put in my comment. :-#

  5. I vote for espresso with the butter interior. Classic exterior color that will transcend the other two more "trendy" options. Of course, that's the traditionalist in me. Remember, I have a house full of antiques that are stained to show the beauty of the wood. No painted furniture here!

  6. P.S. VERY cool piece, by the way. Might have to "borrow" your idea since I have my own carpenter :)