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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Pulling a Stacie

We have a friend, Stacie, who never seems to order what's on the menu.

She'll start by ordering something on the menu, then ask to change this or that - tweaking the menu to her taste. And, because she has great taste and a creative mind, her meal is usually the best on the table.

Try as I might, I never can seem to get the courage to ask for switches and swaps. I'm afraid of the Look From The Waitstaff. You know that look. The one that says, Don't change a thing and don't stress me out. Just order your food and be happy.

Stacie doesn't suffer from that fear. So she usually eats much better than I do. {Sigh}

The Boy went to lunch at the Twisted Root with a coworker last week. On the way home, he mentioned that you could have one of the signature burgers prepared with a specialty meat.

Oh, I said. How did you find that out?

I just asked, he told me. I pulled a Stacie.


  1. Okay, you can't just leave me hanging like this. What are the specialty meats?

  2. Western burger made with buffalo meat instead of hamburger.

    But you can also get elk, alligator, venison and something else that I can't remember.

  3. guess where you are going to take me if I ever get down there!