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Monday, April 26, 2010

On the Run (Literally!)

April 24, 2010 - Marathon Season (2009-2010) comes to an end for Marathon Man with the running of the 10th anniversary Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon.

Cool and cloudy to start (6:30 am) and balmy and sunny to finish (just a few hours later), the conditions could have been better.

But OKC fans know how to support runners. Of all the races Marathon Man has participated in (8 now), he was the most touched by the number of supporters throughout the entire course. Maybe it's because this isn't just a race, it's an event to honor the memory of those killed in the Federal Building terrorism attack 15 years ago.

In any case, it was a busy running weekend for the athlete (him) and his support team (me).

Finish time - 3:54:25
Placed 452 out of 2597 runners
Finished in top 24% of male runners
Good job, Marathon Man!!

How did you keep yourself busy this weekend?

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